Stress & Migraine Headaches

I had significant improvement in just a few treatments! Right away, my headaches were less severe; now I have been headache-free for months! I’ve already shared my story with friends who also suffer from migraines.  I’m glad I tried it! Testimonials

Diane L, Mesa, AZ

Fitness and Healthy Nutrition

We finished the weight loss competition at work today.  I came in second!  More important, I lost 7.06% body fat and 3″ in my waist after only 6 weeks!  I love the nutritional products and plan to continue using them. Thanks for the help!

Laura N, Mesa, AZ

Frozen Shoulder

I am absolutely amazed at the results and progress of the treatment of my shoulder pain and loss of movement from my recent injury. In a very short period of time I have gone from being unable to lift my arm beyond mid height without severe pain and discomfort, to gaining back full movement and motion.  The pain level I was experiencing has diminished tremendously as well. Since my livelihood depends on my physical well-being, the results I have experienced in such a short time are amazing and it is clear that my decision to pursue acupuncture treatment with you has made a world of difference from where I was at.

Your talent is a gift that has brought me incredible results.  Your knowledge and expertise in your profession are obvious and I can’t stress enough how amazing you are and the results I have seen.

Les G., Gilbert, AZ

Fertility Enhancement & Processing Grief

Since I started treatment with Linda, improved sleep, more energy, more normal menstrual cycles.  Also, I am pregnant after only 5 months!  I know the herbs and acupuncture helped us conceive this baby and kept me healthy thru pregnancy. I would absolutely recommend Balancing Point Acupuncture.  I’m highly satisfied.

Amanda V., Mesa, AZ

Frozen Shoulder

I have “frozen shoulder”.  The treatments and care I have been getting from Linda have been amazing!  I have been through the traditional physical therapy route with this condition, but coming here was the best decision I have made!  I would give Balancing Point Acupuncture and Linda a 10 out of 10! The results aren’t instantaneous… and it is a long process with frozen shoulder… but much more rewarding than physical therapy.  And I have been happily/mysteriously amazed ever since!  I have no idea how/why it works… but it does! 

Not only has Linda helped with the frozen shoulder, she has also helped with my sinus issues, my allergies and now I am getting help with the numbness in my leg from a back injury/surgery I had over 15 years ago!  I strongly encourage you to give Balancing Point Acupuncture a try-it is effective-and very relaxing!!

Candy V., Mesa AZ

 Stiff Neck, Carpal Tunnel

Since acupuncture, my neck pain has decreased from an 8 of 10 down to a 1 or 2!! My carpal  tunnel symptomes have completely relieved.  Linda is very knowledgeable and skilled in the art. Without question, I would highly recommend her.

Donald C., Mesa, AZ

Feeling out of Balance & Pelvic Pain

I wanted to make sure my entire system was balanced.  I thought I had a cyst and wasn’t feeling well– low energy.  After ONE treatment, my energy has changed for the better.  I already feel I’m becominng more balanced!  And Linda is just great!

Courtney H., Mesa, AZ

Shoulder pain, Painful periods, Digestive Issues

I came to Linda because of a shoulder injury, but then realized I could be helped with a few more conditions that I have had problems with for many years.  My quality of life has greatly increased because I am better able to function in my daily activities.  I also have a less painful time of the month and decreased stomach issues! I am very satisfied with my treatments here at Balancing Point.  I look forward to my visits.

Jeanette M., Mesa, AZ

Severe Headaches all the time, Fatigue, High Blood Pressure, Left Knee Pain, Lower Back Pain

I have hardly any headaches anymore.  Handle stress 10 times better than before.  Blood pressure is staying down.  I feel so much better and think so much clearer without all the brain fog!  I refer friends and family members on a regular basis to Linda.  Linda is truly amazing.  I have come so far with her care.  I feel so much better than I did before and recommend her highly!

Jim M.,  Kearny,AZ

Women’s Health Issues

I have reached a greater understanding on how stress affects my health and how outside factors affect me internally.  Understanding this might sound simple enough, but I personally couldn’t have worked on creating a plan on how to address and understand what that means to me without Linda’s help.  With her help, I have been able to focus on the positive and do some simple changes to make sure I take care of me and everything else will follow.  Not only have my symptoms gone away, but I have achieved a greater balance in my health, life and emotional health for that I am truly grateful.  Mrs. Linda Scott was able to treat me as a whole, something my doctors were never able to do!  Extreme satisfaction!

Elisa T., Mesa, AZ

Lower Back Pain & Heel Pain

After just one week of taking Rejuvity Joint and Pain Relief System, I can walk down the hallway in the morning without feeling like I’m walking on pins and needles! 

C.W., Kearny,AZ

Upper Back Pain

Not only has the pain gone, but the changes in my nutrition (with Linda’s help and acupuncture) have substantially changed my health and well being.  Excellent results!

Charlene I., Mesa,AZ

Chronic Low Back Pain

Acupuncture helped ease pain.  I was taught stretching exercises. Very Satisfied!

AMT, Mesa,AZ

Hip & Leg Pain

I’m able to exercise again and work without pain!  I would absolutely refer friends to Linda and have!  Linda is awesome and knows her stuff! A+

Michelle C., Gilbert,AZ

Shoulder & Arm Pain; Swelling in Feet; Choking Sensation

Originally, the pain was mostly all the time.  After treatment, Linda was able to get the pain level down, even after two operations on my shoulder.  The swelling in my feet are significantly less.  The medication (herbal formulas) that Linda gave me has stopped the choking sensation.  I absolutely recommend Linda!  I’m completely satisfied.  Linda is a very knowledgeable individual.

CDC, Gilbert, AZ

Woman’s Health Issues

Less PMS symptoms: (improved energy, no headaches, backaches, less painful cramps).  Overall feeling of well-being. Emotionally balanced.  I even referred my husband!  Very satisfied!!

JK, Mesa,AZ

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain has gone away!  Much stronger and able to be more active and better understand how to take better care of my back. Able to help me understand my Qi as well as feel Linda is listening to what I need.  Very detailed and professional.  Absolutely refer Linda to family and friends.  

SJ, Mesa,AZ

Feet and Knee Pain

I have aching feet and also had knee replacement surgery, so I wanted relief from that.  My feet are much better, my knee is better and I feel good.  I love acupuncture for my all around good health and healing.  I’m completely satisfied and Linda is a very caring compassionate person and is very good!

Jan R., Mesa,AZ

Stop Smoking & Insomnia

I have been able to relax at night and the withdrawals from not smoking are bearable.  I have been very satisfied as I am experiencing more “calm” in my life.

B.B., Mesa,AZ

Digestion Issues (Gastroparesis), Diabetes & Headaches

I went from nauseous several times a day to no nausea!  My diabetes is in much better control.  I also had migraines several times per week and now I can’t remember the last time I had a migraine… all this in less than 2 months.  I am not feeling sick like I used to!!  I am completely satisfied and thankful for my results with Linda and Balancing Point Acupuncture.

Steven D, Gilbert,AZ

Neck and Upper Back Pain

Before acupuncture, I was having headaches and neck pain.  Within just a few visits to Linda my headaches were almost gone and I had a lot more energy.  Now, the pain has been reduced substantially and headaches are gone!  I’m extremely satisfied with acupuncture.

Kathy M., Mesa,AZ

Pain Relief & Woman’s Health

I have had the opportunity of receiving many acupuncture treatments by Linda Scott. Not only did I leave with a sense of well being and improved health every visit, but the discomfort of the issues I was experiencing disappeared. Linda’s expertise in the art and science of acupuncture is as genuine as the dedication with which she renders compassion and care for each of her patients. There is no practitioner in this field for whom I’d have higher praise!

T. Dunn, Tucson,AZ

Sports Injuries & Headaches

My healing process happens much faster and I can get back to my normal routines with less pain. I am extremely satisfied with Linda and her work. Linda is the best!

J. L, Gilbert, AZ

Sciatic Nerve Pain

My sciatic pain in my leg was affecting every aspect of my life. From the very first visit to Balancing Point Acupuncture, my pain was noticeably less and in a few more visits, my pain was completely gone. I have my life back and I’m very grateful to Linda. I tell my friends and family how my quality of life is so much better thanks to Linda. My satisfaction could not be higher!

Scott D, Chandler, AZ

Neuropathy in Feet

The pain in my feet has almost completely gone. Because of the wonderful feeling of no/little pain, my energy is higher and a much better quality of life. I would feel VERY comfortable referring friends and family to Linda and have already made a referral. Outstanding results – this is considering I was extremely reluctant and hesitant. Thank you, Linda!!!

J. Thomas, Phoenix, AZ

Chronic Neck Pain, Allergies, Digestive Issues

Working with Linda is a full mind/body experience! Along with the actual acupuncture, we go over previous health conditions and life experiences and how those things may have contributed to current issues. I’ve learned how to be much more aware of my body, the signals it is giving me and what things I’m doing/eating that I hadn’t been aware before may not be good for me. Linda always takes the time to answer any questions or concerns I have. We’ve gone over nutrition and how what we eat has an effect on how our body/mind reacts to food. I have revamped my diet and am seeing positive results. I’ve learned to take some alone time each day to be silent and calm – a time to meditate. The time during the actual acupuncture procedure is a very relaxing, calming, refreshing time. I highly recommend the “Linda experience”!

KK, SanTan Valley, AZ

Tension Headaches and Migraines

Ever since I was 14, I would get throbbing headaches and migraines. I would try many things to make them ease up or disappear with no avail. So far I have been to acupuncture 4 times but already my headaches and migraines have just about disappeared. I am not afraid to do things any more that may trigger a headache. I am more relaxed and less stressed with my life. I have already told friends and family about Linda. I’m very happy with everything. My whole body feels better, not just my head.

Julie S, Mesa, AZ

Lower back pain, muscle spasms in right buttocks, neck tightness & mild carpal tunnel

After treatment: I have minimal lower back pain, the muscle spasms are gone.  I have full movement of my neck.  I can now do the activities I had stopped doing due to the pain.  I am very satisfied with Linda’s professional treatment and knowledge.

Laurie B., Mesa, AZ

Psoriatic Arthritis

My condition levels & pain were very high (8-10 with 10 being the highest).   After 12 treatments, I am practically healed, about 0-1.  My quality of life is back to normal and I think a little more positive.  Life is good.  I get up in the mornings ready to conquer the world.  Linda is a blessing.  And I know it’s not just the acupuncture, but the good energy that is transposed through her being.  God works through certain people, and Linda is definitely one of them.

J.B., Mesa, AZ

Primary Amenorrhea – PCOS – Infertility

In August of 2009, I reached a point of desperation in my life. I’d been on every medication from steroids, to synthetic hormones, to birth control pills, & everything seemed to make my body feel so much worse, not to mention the effects this all had on my mental health. Earlier in the year, my OBGYN finally diagnosed me with Premature Ovarian Failure & he prepared me for the “reality” of never being able to conceive children nor function as a normal healthy woman. I was full of cysts & my ovaries were “non viable.” This is not something a young woman of 27 years of age wants to hear, or any woman for that matter. I reached a breaking point, & I began searching for help. I became a member of a PCOS support group, however felt no one on that board was nearly as severe a case as I was, being I hadn’t had a menstrual cycle in 8 years. One of the board forums was titled ” Acupuncture” & there were women who shared success stories. As narrow minded & skeptical as I was, I was desperate. I literally Google searched ” Acupuncture in – near Mesa AZ” & there were several listings & I went down the list one by one. I spoke to several machines, a couple of office workers, & perhaps 1 Acupuncturist. However, 1 of the messages I left was to Linda Scott @ Balancing Point.
When Linda returned my call, she gave me her undivided attention & then I realized I was speaking to the actual Acupuncturist… this seemed too good to be true. I figured, if I decided to not even go through with this or make this appointment, this woman already spent 15-20 minutes of her own time to explain this process to me, including sharing her knowledge of my very strange diagnosis. This alone, had me sold to the idea of “trying it out.” After my first visit with Linda, I was amazed at how I felt in body & mind. I felt “light” & “refreshed” & for the first time, hopeful. Though she made it clear, nothing happens overnight & she never gave me these unrealistic expectations; however she did make me underst& this would take time, & my cooperation to make this a success. I decided I would give it 6 months & if I seen no results, I would not return. I believe I started going every 2-3 weeks to begin. By mid September, my labs were already showing my PCOS was being reversed. My OBGYN attributed it to my “weight loss” & prescriptions. However, at that point I had not shared with him my recent decision to STOP all medications & try acupuncture. In late September, I believe we (Linda & I) implemented herbal supplements to my acupuncture & though that little “skeptic” came out in me, I reminded myself of my commitment to doing everything Linda suggested & “February” was my cut off had nothing changed. By mid October, I started to feel different… WOMANLY again…it was strange. I loved it, my husb& loved it! November 4th 2009 (3 months), the “impossible” happened; I was greeted in the early morning, by a menstrual cycle!!!!! I could not believe my eyes… I’d never been so excited to see blood (sorry, but if you knew the years of pain this caused me you would underst& the excitement). I remember calling Linda & her being so thrilled & supportive & immediately, she knew which herbs to discontinue etc. In mid December I visited her & I was a little bummed out being that my menstrual hadn’t returned “this month.” She allowed no sympathy & still reminded me what great success I had experienced & was very encouraging. She reminded me of all the years my body was in this state of “illness” & also reminded me of all the medications that I had been putting in my body, & in her calm, caring way, it helped it all make sense to me.
On December 24th 2009, I had a follow up visit to my OBGYN. We discussed my labs (the tremendous improvement they exemplified) & my overall health. The nurse came in & made a comment on how beautiful & “glowing” I appeared to her, & she asked if I may be pregnant. I immediately felt upset, knowing “this lady knows my history, why would she ask me this!” After leaving the doctors office, I made a last minute stop to the store & there in the aisle, I was confronted by a pregnancy test. Though I promised myself I would never do this again for the sake of my own sanity & heartache, I buckled & purchased one. When I got home, I took the test & hesitated to even glance at the result, & to my SHOCK, SURPRISE, & DISBELIEF my test was positive!!! I wish I could go on in detail but the truth of the matter is, I gave acupuncture 6 months & in 4 months, I believe with all my heart, it gave me something I never EXPECTED & much more!! It is now July 2010 & I still continue to see Linda each month, as I prepare to deliver my MIRACLE child next month (August). God knows I am so grateful to have been directed to Linda. I am a believer in acupuncture, I am a living testimony & I have another living testimony within to prove its success!!

M. Alvarez, Mesa, AZ  … CONGRATULATIONS! It’s a boy!

Anxiety, Depression, & Constipation

Anxiety, depression, and constipation brought me to Balancing Point Acupuncture, LLC. I have used three other acupuncturists and Linda Scott has been the most helpful. Her education in both Eastern and Western medicine, her astute listening skills and a sincere desire for personal results make her my favorite acupuncturist. Anxiety and depression are difficult conditions to treat. The treatments have helped improve my state of mind and increased my energy. Constipation is no longer a daily issue. Acupuncture, food choices and herbs have helped me improve my life. Recommending Balancing Point Acupuncture, LLC and Linda is my pleasure. I am a cheerleader for acupuncture and Linda Scott’s Balancing Point Acupuncture, LLC.

L.O, Gilbert, AZ

Morning Sickness

My morning sickness lessened!  I would feel comfortable referring friends or family members to Linda.  I’m very pleased.

TMK, Mesa, AZ

Pain in Shoulders, Neck, Back, Hips and Anxiety

I had an overall feeling of not well- balanced emotionally, physically, mentally & spiritually. After acupuncture, my shoulders are 100% pain free. I have more energy. Back & hip pains minimized, breathing better, circulation awesome. Outlook on life increased and am able to relax. Feel much more in balance. I have already referred friends and family to Linda. From 1 to 10, 10 satisfaction!

PAN-H, Mesa, AZ

Tingling Fingers, Allergies, Lower Back pain, Left Knee pain, Stress

I’m experiencing less numbness in my hands and less stress, especially during the down period of the economy. Lower back pain is not as prevalent during my time at work. Also, no pain in my left knee! My wife will be coming soon for treatments! Outstanding results to my quality of life!

Mark M., Mesa, AZ

Back and Neck Pain

I had shooting pain in my back and only laying down helped. I saw many doctors and none helped other than acupuncture. It made the pain go away. I was able to go back to my normal life within several weeks, while several doctors had tried for months with no success.

Stacey D., Mesa, AZ

Chronic Pain

Acupuncture has made a new person of me. I’m 65 years old and hurt everywhere. Drugs masked the pains, but acupuncture worked without drugs that affect other parts of my body.

S.S, Gilbert, AZ

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Linda Scott has given me a very personalized diagnosis and treatment through implementing balance of Chinese Medicine and great knowledge of Western Medicine. It seemed complicated at first, but with each session I had a better understanding of what to do with Linda’s guidance and expertise. I have a very painful disability in my upper extremities that I have sought medical help through many specialized doctors for a period of five years. The only relief they have been able to offer has been intense physical therapy, painful injections in my neck, and prescription medicine. Although these treatments are effective, they only last a short time. I not only suffer physical pain with this disability, but also emotional ups and downs. Before seeing Linda I had given up on ever finding long-term relief. It can get very depressing. With Linda’s acupuncture I would come out of the treatment feeling as if I had been through physical therapy, a good work out, and a deep tissue massage all rolled into one. I have had close to ten sessions, and look forward to each one. Balancing Point Acupuncture has helped me in ways that I hadn’t expected. With every visit, there were different and longer lasting effects. I feel more balanced, more relaxed, and more in control of my emotions than I have since before my disability. I have made some lifestyle changes that have given me better health and high energy. I could not have done this without Linda’s support. I am so grateful to have met Linda; she has given me new hope and enlightenment.

Michelle L., Mesa, AZ

Neck problems, pain and limited range of motion

Improvements that have contributed to quality of life are awareness of lifestyle and its impact.  Focus on balance, treating yourself properly.  A+ for satisfaction.

Jim D., Mesa, AZ

Back & Leg Pains

I have told my friends of the help you have given to me.  I have very little back pain now.  I am able to do a lot more things that I like to do.  I have been well satisfied with the help.

D.B, Mesa, AZ

Diabetes and Post-surgical care

I am so happy to have found my acupuncturist.  At the time I met her I was struggling to have enough energy to work and with no other source of income, it was a very serious situation.  I had been in a car accident, developed Type II Diabetes and was pretty much a mess with aches and pains from injuries and also short-term memory loss.  My help from medical doctors had been exhausted and it was a huge blessing to have another avenue of help.  I had a female surgery in January and with Linda’s help, I physically could not tell the surgery had even taken place within 3 treatments!  It was monumental help after only one treatment.  I had a similar surgery many years ago that took a full year to heal.  There are not enough words to express how beneficial acupuncture is with the right acupuncturist.  I was able to return to work after surgery within 2 weeks and the clarity of mind has greatly improved.  I have come a long way and cannot imagine not having acupuncture as my regular medical treatment.

Dawn M., Mesa, AZ

Back Pain

After many doctors and therapists, I had no relief for my back problems, until I found Acupuncture!  It has truly changed my life.

J.B., Mesa, AZ

Allergies and Sinus Pain

Acupuncture treatments have helped me in various health areas.  The main one right now is allergy problems (sinus pain, headaches, post nasal drip).  Treatments have eased my discomfort and lessoned my symptoms.  I haven’t missed any work this spring! The treatments help me to feel healthier in general.

D.P., Mesa, AZ

Neck and Back Pain

I have very little pain since I have been going to acupuncture.  It does work better than any treatment that I had at the pain management Dr’s office.

Peggy D., Mesa, AZ

Crohn’s Disease and Ear Pain

I have been dealing with ear problems (tumors, hearing loss) and Crohn’s disease for over 20 years.  I have seen many doctors, gone through many procedures and surgeries and taken many prescription drugs in order to find relief.  At times, the side effects of these things felt worse than the initial disease.  After receiving acupuncture treatments for 4 months, I now have been feeling healthier than ever before.  I now feel hope that I can overcome these diseases and weaknesses in me and become whole once again.

Kathryn B., Mesa, AZ

Weight Loss, Energy and General Health

I have much more energy, weight loss and emotional healing.  More balanced, not so emotional or quick to react without thinking twice. Really helped with calming my mind and allowing the heart to speak.  100% satisfied with Linda!

A.K., Mesa, AZ

Facial-Neck Muscle Spasms, Blepharospasms, Constant Headache

I am dealing with a condition of the eyes and muscles in the head, neck and back that was incapacitating.  I visited 12 different mainstream doctors, only to be told that it was a condition I would have to “live with”.  After visiting Linda at Balancing Point Acupuncture, I have had relief.  It has made a huge difference in my life. Absolutely it has helped me to be able to work and function. No more headaches and the blepharospasms are more in control. I have been to several acupuncturists and Linda is the best.

N.W, Mesa, AZ

Menstrual Pain & Shoulder Pain

Acupuncture has helped me incredibly—My menstrual cycles are finally regular and instead of taking a day off from everything, I can function without the intense cramping I once had.  Emotionally, I am a lot more balanced! My previous shoulder injury (rotator cuff) has complete mobility and no pain!

Stacy B., Mesa, AZ

Neck & Low Back Pain; Fibromyalgia

When I started acupuncture treatments, I was quite literally crippled.  I couldn’t walk for more than 5 minutes, couldn’t stand for more than 5 minutes, and lived in continual pain that could not be relieved with pain medications.  Today, a year later, after working with Linda at Balancing Point Acupuncture, I can now walk with ease and my pain level has dropped, as has my use of pain medication.  Acupuncture gave me back my quality of life!

Cheryl W., Mesa, AZ


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