Tai Qi and Me

by Linda Scott, Acupuncturist Mesa, AZ on September 14, 2011

For years I wanted to learn Tai Qi. Maybe it was the esoteric beauty of the form, or the compelling dynamic of watching a group of people performing Tai Qi … whatever the attraction, it was something I wanted to do for a long time.

Once class began, I immediately loved the rhythm, the concentration involved and especially the purposeful intention of each graceful movement. Tai Qi was fun! Then one day, I came to class with a poor attitude. I found concentration difficult, which made learning even the simplest movements nearly impossible. The more I struggled with Tai Qi, the more incapable, discouraged and embarrassed I became. This was not fun! Thankfully, it became very apparent to me that I was creating my own problems. Tai Qi could not flow without my body, mind and spirit being relaxed and focused. I could not tackle the grace of intention that is so integral to the movements, if my intention was not full of grace.

Could it be that Tai Qi was about more than just lovely movements and fluid form? At that moment, I made the decision to be responsible for the attitude I brought to my Tai Qi lessons. I would let go of my selfishness and give my teacher the respect and attention that he deserved. If I was having a problem picking up the form, I would look inward, check out the attitude of my heart, and move forward. Mostly, I decided to just let go of everyday concerns and let Tai Qi become an expression of my true self. I would let it tell me what I needed to work on, where I needed to focus.

Today, I continue to find Tai Qi a challenge, but one that I am grateful for. I am working on applying the lessons I take from it, to my life outside of class. To accomplish anything, you must have purposeful intention with a good heart. What I learned from my experience with Tai Qi was very unexpected … when I began learning Tai Qi, I began learning about me.

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