Acupuncture Mesa, AZ Linda Scott meridian pointsAcupuncture is a respected health care system around the world and probably the oldest continually practiced form of medicine in existence. The World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges the proven effectiveness of acupuncture to treat many common problems and illnesses.

A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) picture of Health

Qi (Chee) is the vital energy in all living things that gives us the ability to carry out our everyday activities. Our health is measured by the balance and free flow of Qi throughout our body in energy streams called Channels or Meridians. When Qi is balanced, the body has the natural ability to fight off illness and remain stable and healthy. The stresses of our modern lifestyle create imbalances that can lead to blockage and disruption in the flow of Qi in the channels, which leads to pain and disease.

Acupuncture and Pain Mesa Channel Chinese MedicinePain in TCM

In Chinese medicine, pain frequently stems from an imbalance or stagnation in movement of Qi and Blood in one or more areas of the body. In a healthy person, Qi and Blood move freely throughout the Channels of the body. Think of Channels as river-ways where Qi flows like water. Trauma is an impediment to the flow, like a dam, where a backup of water (Qi) upstream causes an excess condition and a deficiency downstream. By freeing the stagnation of Qi and Blood, the dam is broken and pain relieved.

Acupuncture Methods of Treatment

Acupuncture has many forms but all are based on the premise that stimulating energy points on the effected Channels aids in restoring the body to balance by freeing the blockage of Qi. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Japanese Acupuncture, 5-Element Acupuncture, Auricular Acupuncture, and Scalp Acupuncture are all treatments methods used at Balancing Point Acupuncture. Each method has its strong points and uses in the prevention and treatment of pain, illness and disease. All methods are used to focus on the symptoms and the root condition to relieve pain and improve constitutional balance and wellness.

acupuncture needles Mesa acupuncture treatmentFinding the Root Cause

Although many may suffer from similar symptoms, a thorough intake and assessment will differentiate the root problem or cause. Each acupuncture treatment is customized to treat the individual’s root disharmonies. TCM is based on bringing balance and health to the whole person and not a way of just masking or alleviating symptoms. Even chronic problems can be greatly alleviated or even totally resolved with consistent treatment. Most importantly, this is a wellness system intended to eliminate the need for indefinite treatment, by promoting and encouraging healthy lifestyle changes to prevent re-occurrence of constitutional imbalances.

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