TCM Nutrition

Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutrition Mesa AZWe encourage all of our patients to eat a whole foods diet, organic and natural, without hormonal manipulation. Everyone can benefit from avoiding the consumption of white sugar and white flour products; greasy, fried foods and products with synthetic additives.


Just like all of Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM Nutrition is based on what YOU need to feel your best. Since each of us has a different constitution, our needs may vary. (Example: Yin Deficient persons may feel dry and over-heated and need more cooling and moistening foods. Someone with Yang Deficiency may need warm, cooked foods, because they are cold and depleted) A thorough evaluation of what you need, as a complex and unique individual, is part of your initial assessment.


Nutrition Balancing Point Acupuncture TCMOur relationship with food has so much to do with how well we manage stress, express our emotions and maintain our core beliefs. In our fast-paced culture, we have many stressors that affect what, when and how we choose to eat. But, few people realize that our food and drink cravings and preferences say a lot about what is really out of balance with our body, mind and spirit. At Balancing Point Acupuncture, our goal is help you to gain a deeper level of understanding, so that you can make lasting, positive nutritional choices, possibly for the first time ever.

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